Creative Europe-Projekt

Living Realities.
Changing Perceptions.

Living Realities is a transdisciplinary, socio-political and innovative art project bringing the contemporary living realities of people who had to leave their countries in search for a new home and a new life into focus. A touring exhibition forms the common thread throughout the transnational venture and is expanded by participative art projects in each respective country, spanning from theatre performances, music and singing classes, photography workshops to discourse formats. It creates encounters through art and encourages dialogue about current questions of arriving and living together, aiming to change perceptions and perspectives for the participants as well as audiences.

In the course of the project, Dschungel Wien will produce the dance theatre "In my dreams I feel free".

Living Realities is initiated by ArtSocialSpace Brunnenpassage (AUSTRIA), who is the lead partner of this EU Creative Europe funded international cooperation project. Cooperation partners are: Dschungel Wien – Theatre for young audience (AUSTRIA), Studio Alta (CZECH REPUBLIC), and Impact Hub Athens (GREECE). 

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