VOGUING BALL presented by Kiki House of Dive

Für alle ab 15 Jahren

The voguing scene is back und dieses Mal hosten Karin Cheng (aka Karion Dive) und ihr Kiki House of Dive zum ersten Mal einen Kiki Ball im DSCHUNGEL WIEN.

This summer is gonna be HOT– not only the weather, but also the runway! Cool down with the fresh and creamy Ice Cream Kiki Ball at presented by the Kiki House of Dive!

Categories (more details below):

  • Virgin Vanilla
  • Big Body – Chunky and Funky
  • Fashion Killa – The Shape of the Gelato (BIPOC only)
  • Old way vs New way – Nutty Pistacchio
  • Runway – Caramelized
  • Vogue Fem – Chili Peach
  • Sex Siren – Milkshake with a scoop of Sex (trans/enby only)

We will also have workshops by the judges on the same weekend – for more information follow us here.

You don’t need a ticket if you are going to participate in categories, but please sign up at kikihouseofdive.gmail.com. We also have some spots for the community, if you cannot easily afford the fee!

Don’t worry, the winter ball will return with the same categories in the coming winter.
If you got a ticket for the previous ball, you can get it rebooked at tickets@dschungelwien.at. If you signed up as a participant or got on the guest list, please send an email to kikihouseofdive@gmail.com to get transferred to the new list.

Judges: Jayce, Cupcake 007, Miila Angels
MC: Anita Dive
DJ: Karion Dive

Doors open at: 19.30 
Ball begins at 20.00


Virgin – Vanilla

New kids on the block, the ice cream truck is here with the flavor that so many cherish. Show us your progress and make us gag by your readiness to storm the scene, and show us why you're everything but basic. Be that Vanilla ninja in an Old Way or New Way, or be the mostest Vanilla flower in full bloom in a Fem (Dramatics or Soft&Cunt) performance. Yellows and creamy white colors allowed. Stick to one style for your 10s, and if you make it to the battles, you can switch and stay in a specific style for each battle.

Big Body - Chunky & Funky Celebrate your fullness, make the judges cherish all the lumps you have to offer, showcase your hot&heaviness and Take. Up. Space. Why only have a scoop if you can have the whole box? Garnish your body like you would top your favorite ice cream with candy, chocolate, cookie sprinkles and crumbles, and maybe a wafer or some fruit on top. Make the judges want to have all of what you have!

Fashionkilla (BIPOC only) - The Shape Of The Gelato

Cones, Scoops, Cups, Bowls, Wafers, Toppings, Spoons, Straws... - Serve a walk in a show stopping outfit creation inspired by the visuals of Ice Cream. The shape, the patterns, the everything - Indulge the judges!

Old way vs New way - Nutty Pistacchio

Deliver a nutty-crazy & icy-cool performance with delicious precision. Turn it out in an outfit inspired by all the greens of the pistacchio.

Runway - Caramelized 

From golden caramel cream dreams to crunchy toffee constructions.

Your outfit gives not only caramel tones, but also texture.

Let the runway overflow with the gorgeousness of your fashion creation and show your flawless walk.

Is it dripping? Is it crunchy? Is it tasty? Hit the judges' sweet tooth.

Fem - Chili Peach

Roses Are Red, Chilis Are Cunt, Peaches Are Pussy. Embody the soft roundings and sensual experience of the fantastic fruit with a soft & cunt performance in a peachy outfit AND/OR Channel the fiery hotness of the chili in a flamboyant vogue fem dramatics performance with an outfit in the hottest of reds.

Sex Siren (trans/enby only) - Milkshake With A Scoop Of Sex

Bring All The Lovers To The Yard! - Milk your sensuality into a juicy essence and drip it all over the floor, embody your sexiest fantasy. Make everyone want to lick the floor where you stepped, slithered and grooved. Make the judges blush and have a brain freeze at the same time.

Current COVID-related restrictions apply!

If you have any questions please contact us via kikihouseofdive@gmail.com

Anmeldung und Categories über Instagram:

If you have any questions please contact us via kikihouseofdive@gmail.com

Grafik: Josefin-Marie-Christin