Vernissage: ALLIES MATTER by Sara*Hawy


The interactive exhibition by Sara*Hawy creates a safe space for diverse people & communities to promote equality, inclusivity, acceptance, solidarity & queer intersectional feminism.

It underlines the existing need for active allyship with minorities, as well as the importance of visibility to fight any form of discrimination & opression. Especially now during the invasion on Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis around the world.

There will be different stations of multimedia installations and videoart in the exhibition spaces, creating portals to reflect on problems of diverse communities, topics and projects.

At the opening ceremony Sara*Hawy will perform "Are You An Ally?", a participative artwork which raises awareness to problematic issues like rainbow washing and misrepresentations of the LGBTQ+ community during pride month through companies that use this marketing tactic as a capitalist approach to gain new customers without being an active ally & doing anything for the queer community.

The artivist aims to challenge diverse humans with a different background & social status to deal with important questions on their own through a mirror with a QR code that redirects the viewer to a self test about allyship & to confront each individual on a deeper level.

The Intention is to get you to reflect on your own privileges & to check your own role as an ally.

Curious if you are a supportive ally?

Show up & do the ally check to find out!

Free Entry! 

Die Ausstellung ist bis zum DO 30.6. zu sehen!

Foto: Sara*Hawy