VOGUING BALL Presented by Karin Cheng and the Kiki House of Dive

Für alle ab 15 Jahren 

SA 11.3. doors are open from 19:30

One Thousand One, Two Thousand Two, Three Thousand Three and hold that pose for me!

The Ballroom scene is back und dieses Mal hosten Karion Dive und ihr Kiki House of Dive zum zweiten Mal einen Kiki Ball im DSCHUNGEL WIEN.

Let's talk about the categories of the upcoming Kiki Ball!

1. First up: Virgin Vogue (OTA)

This category is for beginners: it's for everyone who has been walking voguing categories for 2 years or less. If you walk Virgin, you can't compete in any of the other voguing categories such as vogue fem, old way, and hands vs arms. But you can still walk non-voguing categories such as Face, Realness, Runway and Bizzare.

By the way: OTA means this category is Open to All. Some categories are limited by gender or other factors, but if it's OTA everyone can participate.

To get your tens for Virgin Vogue, you not only have to vogue the house down, but also give us a look that incorporates snowflakes ❄

2. Runway -The Snow Glows White On The Mountain Tonight Runway (Trans/Enby)

Serve your ice royalty fantasy and let us see you walk effortlessly. A purse is a must. Let it go.

2.1 Runway - Polar Expedition (OTA)

Runway is all about your walk - your outfit and poses still matter, but remember the main goal is how you move across the runway. This category is open for all styles, no matter if European or All-American.

As far as your look is concerned: Present us the most elegant yet practical garments from the first fashion show on Antarctica. Snowshoes, huge anoraks, and the longest of scarves!

3. Hands vs Arms - Aurora (OTA)

For this category we want to only one element: Show us either Hand Performance or Arms control, but make sure you we can tell wich one you are giving. To make sure your lower body stays in place you will be seated on a chair.

For this category we honor nature's faboulous light shows caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere due to solar winds, also known as the southern / northern lights. Use LED's, glowsticks, flash lights or anything else that will glow up your arms or hands, but please no real fire. The stage lights will be dimmed or this category.

4. Realness - Winter Olympic Athlete (BIPoC).

This category is not open to all, but specifically for BIPoc!

Realness is all about convincingly portraying a character. It originates as a competitive celebration of the skills trans women (fem queens) have developed to stay safe by perfecting their appearance and mannerisms in oder to 'blend in' in a world hostile to them. Gay men (butch queens) have also contributed by competing in passing as a straight man in order to avoid homophobia.

For many Black, latinx and other people of colour, being able to present as the educated upper class is a survival skill as well, as it helps one break the stereotypes associated with being a person of colour. Thus, categories such as executive realness was born, where the goal is to "dress for the job you deserve".

You may ask: "Aren't we over assimilating, toning it down and being apologetic? Isn't it time to celebrate our queerness and cultural background instead of conforming to mainstream society?"

In many ways that is true, and there is space to do this in the other categories. But many trans women still fear leaving the house looking anything but perfect, many gay people still end up having to 'tone down' their mannerisms, and many migrants and BIPoC still know that they unfortunately need to dress and act 'extra professional' compared to their white peers in situations like job interviews. As long as this is the case, we choose to celebrate these often unappreciated skills and use these categories to spread awareness regarding these issues.

Now for the category:

Figure skaters, curlers, skiers, snowboarders and more! Convince the judges that you're an international winter sports sensation who just snatched a gold medal. Serve us anything from sweaty athlete straight from the competition to a glamorous Apres-Ski party look to celebrate your success.

5. Old way - Oberyn Martell (OTA)

Old way is the earliest style of voguing. It started in the 70s and 80s, when butch queens started dancing in the audience at fem queen pageants. Thus, it incorporates many fashion poses, but is also inspired by hieroglyphics and martial arts.

Serve it up in a look inspired by Oberyn Martel, the most stylish and sexy Prince of Dorne and the true queer icon of game of thrones. Incorporate the colour gold into your look!

6. Face - The Many Faced God (Trans/Enby)

This category is all about how well you can present you perfectly groomed face. Remember to keep it natural with the makeup. It is limited trans & enby participants - come as you are, we do not expect you to prove your "validity"!

The faceless men of Braavos worship the god of death and embrace all other religions as each of them worship death in some manner as well - death has many faces. Present your face to the judges as one of these deities of death, and assassinate the competition in honour of the House of Black and White. If that's all a bit much and you didn't watch Game of thrones - just serve us a divine gothic inspired look.

7. Snow Monster Bizarre (OTA)

Bizarre is a category for showing off artistic, avant-garde fashion that goes beyond anything else you've ever seen!

For this category you will only be walking for your tens, but there will be no battles.

Bewitch us with an a look inspired by snowy monster creatures such as Bigfoot, the Yeti, Perchten or Krampus. Roar!

8. Tag Team Fem - A song of Ice and Fire (OTA)

Vogue Fem is a form of voguing developed by the fem queens (trans women) of the ballroom scene. It's very soft and energetic!

Tag team means that you compete in teams of two. You can step up for the beginning of your tens with a little routine, but for the rest of the category we want to see each of you freestyle individually! The way this works is that you will be battling one on one, and when the MC calls out "Tag your partner!" you must run to them, tag them by touching them so they can begin battling the other team's second member.

Show us your fiercest moves as a duo, each representing one of the two universal forces in George R. R. Martin's famous novels.

Einlass ab 19:30

Infos demnächst auf Instagram: junge_kunst_dschungelwien und kikihouseof.dive

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